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Destiny Perth Family

A powerful note from Khally...

Hello Ba,
Sorry about yesterday afternoon. I was in a rush that I didn't complete chatting, the Library was closing down and I didn't want to be locked up in the library.
Anyway, I hear that the boys are going to be presenting songs at a concert, how very exciting! I just wish I were there with you all to sing songs of praise and worship to our God. I am so very happy for the Destiny Youths and I thank the Lord for opening doors and opportunities for our youths to go out and Shine For The Lord. The word of God talks about being the Salt and Light for the world in the book of Mathew 5:13 to 16. I pray that you will all be that Salt and Light for the youths that attend that concert in Jesus Name AMEN!!
Joy and I also have an All Girls Youth Concert that we will be attending Saturday this week to hang out with girls from other churches and listen to two special and powerful women speakers.
We all stayed up late in the night to receive and welcome Papa from his stay with you all in Goroka and Mummy and I stayed up late all throughout the night when everyone were in bed already looking at all your pictures over and over again we ran down Papa's phone battery and he was very upset (ha ha). I was very surprised to see that I still couldn't recognize most of you! Tell Uncle Chris to chop down the rain forest growing around his head next time we want to see his beautiful face, tell everyone else to eat more and grow big like our Papa Salvo.. Hahaha. All in all, It was very good to see everyone's faces again and listen to the recordings.
We was wondering do our Papa's and Daddy's continue to learn new songs because I was hoping you would all sing some new pidgin or tok ples songs for us to learn. Here in Perth Joy and I have been constantly blessed with CD's from friends to learn new songs and since the time we arrived here in Perth, we have been learning many new songs and we can't wait to share them with you. We hope that some day we will find a way to learn songs together despite the distance between us.

All is well at school. I have earned very good marks for my recent assesments in Business Studies, Economics, Physics, English and Maths and I am getting prepared for end of year exams for the whole school which is in week 8. I have now to complete several assignments all piled up on my desk, I have a Economics Assignment about a Real estate Market Investigation, International Foods Assignment about Food Miles, English Oral Presentation to prepare for two book reviews, A composite Materials Assignment to Build a Storage Container, A Physics assignment about Water Wheels, A Trigonometry Test Today and so much more homework! But this hasn't bothered me one bit as I take one step at a time and know that with God all Things Are Possible!

Church and Youth is very fun. On Sunday we had a powerful word from Dr. Sam Chand an Indian evangelical pastor and powerful man of God who shared a powerful word which I will email to you later. The Influencer Youths have many programs planned ahead for this month and we are looking forward to reaching out to other young people in our family, school, church and community as our motto goes "We Are Building A People of INFLUENCE!"

Ba, I will continue to write tomorrow
Nice hearing from you
Love, hugs and kisses to all our family from our babies: JD, Destiny and Bukam to our Sunday Schoolers: Charlie, Amelia, Papa Salvo, Melle, Joshua and Sophie to our Young People: Papa Clay, Aunty Winnie, Mama Lisa, Uncle Chris, Wat Elvis, Papa Spitz, Aunty Evelyn and Daddy Joel and to You, our beloved Nang and our Nang and Ba Forestry.

I pray that the Lord will continue to Bless You All and Keep You
Good morning and Enjoy your day

Your Nang Khally...

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Destiny Youths on the Move

Destiny Youths on the Move
Papa Spizh has both feet planted on the golden sandy beach at Longkuringi and both hands reaching up to the sky...O God thank you for a beautiful place like this...perhaps is on his mind...

(from left) Joel, Evelyn, Chris and Elvis. Evelyn is now in Kavieng, Elvis in Gaulim Teachers College, ENB, Chris working and Joel still studying at GSS DODL