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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hello Ba!

The Boys, Melwin & Jordan & Leva Joy right behind ...Khaly with her mum  walk down the streets of Perth.
Nang Khally here. Thanks for the reply last week. Your lewa Joy and I are in the school library now doing our assignments and we both saw the Destiny Family blog spot and we like it. We continue to thank the Lord for giving you wisdom, knowledge and understanding to use modern technology for His works and purposes to give God all the glory, honor and praise.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Khally (left) with her papa & Joy
Hello Ba,

I hear that the boys are going to be presenting songs at a concert, how very exciting! I just wish I were there with you all to sing songs of praise and worship to our God. I am so very happy for the Destiny Youths and I thank the Lord for opening doors and opportunities for our youths to go out and Shine For The Lord. The word of God talks about being the Salt and Light for the world in the book of Mathew 5:13 to 16. I pray that you will all be that Salt and Light for the youths that attend that concert in Jesus Name AMEN!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nang Ruby catching up in the Lord up Perth

Nang Manin in Perth
Good morning Ba,
... it is so good to know everyone is on fire for Jesus and still moving on, I am thrilled. Last Friday myself and your nang Ruby went for womens' prayer meeting and the urging was that we should anoint one another with olive oil, which we obeyed. The woman pastor (Yvette) shared the word and after the word asked me and the other powerful woman (Joan) of God to pray for everyone and anoint the oil on each one.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome Back

Welcome back to work

Great news about all the boys and fellowship preparation for their exams, amazing testimony from Salvo. Praise God! Jesus kids!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


DeeZey, Bukam, Destiny & Salvo after service waiting for food.

Youth in music training Joel, Evelyn, Chris & Elvis

The Family after fellowship

Nang Bilel Joy 11 picking backyard fruits for all to enjoy 

Dagwin 'DeeJey' Zavia tends to his backyard farm after fellowship


Members of the Destiny fellowship

This is a powerful prayer that came from a colleague. I save it until, found it and here it is...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Postcards from Abroad

Pictures of Family in Adelaide & Perth.
Jedidiah Palsi --a star on the rise in South Australia. 

From Top, Rups and Jedidiah Palsi, Nathan & Dagwin on the beach in Perth and in front of the cottage.
Just before Easter Bata Dagwin flew to Adelaide, for a smaller reunion with the Wangi's, Rups, Jedidiah Palsi & Nathan, the two big boys: Nathan & Dagwin decided to drive to Perth in the car. It was a two days drive, they arrived on the evening of Easter Saturday. The Family in Adelaide and Goroka, PNG were in prayer as the non-stop driving between the two took them to Perth safe and sound. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Destiny Kids in Pictures

 Destiny Kids  in Pictures

Praise and Departure of bata Dagwin and Later Lisa

...More pictures Destiny Kids...the musicians, the Sunday kids with Bata, Lisa, Gills & Auntie Jill at Goroka Airport for Bata's departure to Perth.

Joey Bilel, Lisa Mani-yot & Khali Marting with Adrian Moses in the background at the airport.

Monday, March 29, 2010

email Letter from Dagwin in Perth to Destiny Fellowship

Dagwin Suarkia to Khaly, me
show details 1:56 PM (1 hour ago)
Here are some Fraction worksheets to start them with Maths. Perhaps see how you can taylor that into fellowship time

On Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 1:02 PM, Khaly Lorck wrote:
Hi leva,

Amen to the word of God. We received the same message from Pastor Suli from Fiji on Wantok Radio Light last night and are really blessed. He's testimony: When the Lord told him to go overseas as a missionary, he only had 20 dollars in his pocket when he boarded a 5 seater plane, two for the pilot and his co and the preacher was seating with a drankard Hindu Indian man. The drankard asked what he does and he told him he was a preacher. The drankard started preaching to the preacher and he was very quite just listening to the man until that man put his hand in his pocket and brought out some money and put them in his hands. The preacher felt really bad and uncomfortable in front of others and the man, and told him to put his money away but he kept insisting for him to take the money and the preacher told him when he is sober then he can do that, but right now he is not in that position to do so. The drankard told the preacher, "I know what I am doing, Your God told me to give you this money, so you must obey and get it." The preacher took the money and praised God. Later when he was out of the plane and he counted the money, it was 850 dollars. The message was to GO and not look back and worry about resourses that you will need, for God knows about all these and will provide for us, ONLY GO! Looking forward to experiencing God's great blessings.

We went to the Dental Clinic this morning and they remove Khally's teeth and we are back with ba at his office. She is thinking her lips are swollen and are very big but they are still normal size, ahahah.
We have'nt moved yet and are just happy where we are. Tomorrow us parents will be leading lotu so please think about us. Last Sunday we had a great time with the Young People with drama and items, sharing of the word and we finished at 2:00 pm. Everyone was happy and not restless. Aunty Win and your namie were dancing and up until lotu finish. Leva am stopping here so the girls can write too. Love you and miss you.
Hi papa how are you. this is Joy i love you ' i am also going to have my teeth doen too seens dowen there is expensive.

Hello papa I know my 6times 7times and 4times table but I need to know others too Im woried becuse you are gone JD is groing big and strong and Iam doing well in my spelling but I need to do well in maths love you and GOD bless you.


Leva and Kids.
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Where is My Destiny?

Our Destiny is not in that horizon, where the sky meets the sea nor where the sea meets the shores, it's not even in a place, but in a person called Jesus Christ. That's where I'm focused as I stand on this gold-sandy beach..with my feet touching both the sea and the sand...and the blue sky up above...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Family in Fellowship Pictures

Destiny's Sunday School Kids leading the sing along (left) Khali,Jordon,Salvo, Melvin, Joshua, Amelyia, Papa Kleixa & Uncle Kris on key board.

Destiny Youths on the Move

Destiny Youths on the Move
Papa Spizh has both feet planted on the golden sandy beach at Longkuringi and both hands reaching up to the sky...O God thank you for a beautiful place like this...perhaps is on his mind...

(from left) Joel, Evelyn, Chris and Elvis. Evelyn is now in Kavieng, Elvis in Gaulim Teachers College, ENB, Chris working and Joel still studying at GSS DODL