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Friday, March 12, 2010

Where is My Destiny?

Our Destiny is not in that horizon, where the sky meets the sea nor where the sea meets the shores, it's not even in a place, but in a person called Jesus Christ. That's where I'm focused as I stand on this gold-sandy beach..with my feet touching both the sea and the sand...and the blue sky up above...

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Destiny Youths on the Move

Destiny Youths on the Move
Papa Spizh has both feet planted on the golden sandy beach at Longkuringi and both hands reaching up to the sky...O God thank you for a beautiful place like this...perhaps is on his mind...

(from left) Joel, Evelyn, Chris and Elvis. Evelyn is now in Kavieng, Elvis in Gaulim Teachers College, ENB, Chris working and Joel still studying at GSS DODL