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Friday, April 29, 2011


Hi Ba!
Nang lewa Joy in (Red T shirt) & Nang Khally in (blue) at a
Perth city beach during school holidays
Great things have been happening for the Influencers Youth here in Perth. We still continue to pray for more youth. In fact, I have a testimony to share with everyone : )
I'm not sure if Mummy told you but at the beginning of this year the church as a body fasted in the month of January for 21 days and Amen to God we have seen His blessings in our lives like never before. During and after this time of fasting I have had this hunger and desire in my heart like never before to see youth around me be saved whether it be my class mates, school mates, best friends, young people at church or youth whom I don't know both boys and girls. I also spent that time to fast and pray for the Influencers Youth and our leaders. I thank God that my prayers have been answered and are still being answered every time I go for fellowship. There have been new changes and improvements which I know is all the Lord's doing. All Praise, Glory and Honour belongs to God. AMEN!
On the 25th of February on a Friday night the youth were gathered at the church offices to spend time in singing and praying to God. At that time our youth pastor, Renae told each and every one of us to lay our hands on one or two chairs and pray upon it and declare the name of our friend(s) whom we want to see the next evening at youth fellowship and not only to declare but to have faith that the Lord will answer our prayers. Well, I prayed upon the chair in front of me for my friend Stephanie and I said "Lord, I declare in the name of Jesus Christ that you will move in Stephanie's life and I will see her next Friday night in this very room sitting here among us. In Jesus Name!" After I prayed this prayer I turned and whispered to your lewa Joy "Next week Friday night, at our next youth gathering you will see Stephanie in this very room, sitting on this very chair." And Ba, I believed what I said and I believed that God was going to answer my prayers.
At that time the Lord was still impressing upon everyone of us that we needed to fast in order to see blessings in our lives in order to be fruitful. We always fast every Thursday so I thought, that's not a new thing but the Lord was telling me something different, he wanted me to take it very seriously and not treat fasting like any other day so I made a decision that I'd do a three-day fast. At first, the idea of skipping food for three days was enough to make me weak. I mean, imagine not having food for 3 whole days! That's crazy! I thought to myself. I still didn't have peace about this idea of a three-day fast. All this was on the 28th of February, a Monday. I slept on it until the next morning i.e, Tuesday 1st of March. At this time I still didn't have peace about fasting but then God's confirmation about the 3 day fast came to me as I was washing and getting prepared for school. Hearing the voice of God I now understand is not like someone whispering into your ear, it is hard to explain but to me it was like a voice in my heart, not in my mind or in through my ears and the voice was so sweet and refreshing to my heart and every part of me. It was like I was satisfied with the feeling of God speaking to me. God said, "The devil will do anything! Anything in his might. He is devious and clever and will do anything and everything in his power to stop the work of God in young peoples' lives. He has so many deadly plans up his sleeves. But the Lord is greater and mightier than the devil. He is victorious over him!" after hearing this I declared and prayed to God and said, "Yes Lord! This year the church office will be filled with so many youths from Shenton College that our youth Pastors Luke and Renae will have to look for a bigger place to fit every one in! In the name of Jesus. Amen!" And from that time onwards with that confirmation I prayed to God and had the peace in my heart to fast for 3 days on behalf of all the young peole at my school, Shenton College, including my friend, Stephanie. So from Tuesday the 1st to Thursday the 3rd I fasted and it wasn't like what I had expected, I felt stronger and healthier and happier than ever. And Ba, my prayers for Stephanie were answered! Wednesday night she sent a text message saying that her mum had allowed her to come along to the next youth gathering, I was so excited, I praised God for answering my prayers. On Thursday as we were breaking the family fast I shared my testimony with everyone and the strnge thing was that I had totally forgotten about my prayer for Stephanie the previous Friday night until as I was breking my fast the Lord reminded me again of my prayer for her. Amen!
The next day, which was Friday the youth pastors had appointed Joy and I to lead praise and worship so as we were practising songs for the evening, the Spirit of the Lord just convicted me to spend that time in the Spirit, praising and worshiping God, so I poured out my heart to the Lord with tears streaming down and a great miracle happened that afternoon! I was touched by the Holy Spirit and I recieved my speaking in tongues that afternoon! Ba, all I can say is it's the best thing that has happened in my life, to me. The feeling that just washed over me is just hard to explain, all I can say was I felt that something was broken, a burden on my shoulders was lifted up and whatever feelings in my heart that were not of God were just destroyed and my heart was just broken, I just felt a sense of freedom. Tears were streaming down my face and I tried to speak English but I couldn't the language of heaven was just on my tounge, in my mouth and in my mind that it was difficult for me to speak in English again, it was quite funny. For me that was a strange but beautiful experience! I would want to it to happen over and over again, every day. Mummy was so over joyed. Your lewa Joy on the other hand thought I was crazy and was about to laugh at me (she told me afterwards) but then that hunger and desire arose in her to speak in tongues as well.
That evening Stephanie did join the youth for fellowship and we had a blessed evening together. I was so excited I shared this testimony with the youth leaders.

There are many ways of describing God and many names we call Him, all I could think of right after that moment apart from other things is that God is a BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY. In Proverbs 30:2-1 is a beautiful Psalm written by Agur which is further confirmation of the type of God we serve. His ways and his thoughts are mysterious, no one on earth knew any of his thoughts nor could they tap into it, it was only Jesus, the Son of God who understood the thoughts of His Father and now God has made it possible for everyone of us to tap into the mysteries of God and to be blessed by Him.

Ba, sorry if this email is too long but this testimony could no longer be contained (Hahaha) I want to share it with you and everyone else to glorify the Lord and also as an encouragement to everyone.

Ba, be blessed and refreshed and may the peace of God which surpassses all understanding continue to be your guide!

Love you all heaps!
Nang Khally

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