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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Goroka Destiny Family postings are now reactivated from Madang. The new posts are scriptural truths that have been flowing into my mobile phone since that eventful first meeting with a man onin Madang just the first weekend down from Goroka with a man on a special Mission for Christ.
His name is Paul Mike. A former Forestry Officer. In time, we settled on the name Messenger Mike and have been getting these messages from him without fail every week.
The messages, since the first he sent from Lae on his return after 'sharing Christ' and the End Times message he is moving under the NBC House in Madang on Sunday 5th of Fenbruary 2012. It was our first Sunday after we arrived in Madang and wondering how, and where and what the message of our first Fellowship would be. Paul Mike met Ba Forestry Sobi Giok a few days earlier in town and things rolled quickly to that first fellowship under the house.

My children may have accidently deleted some of the messages whilst trying to go on the net on my phone, yet some messages are still there. Here is how Messenger Paul Mike, the Evagelist of Heaven text ...he wrote ...."the last move of God from PNG and this is firm confirmation to me that the Holy Spirit is birthing a new begining for Momase from Madang then" ... the link and final parts of the message are gone.. Glory to God in Jesus Name from Msngr Paul Mike...he always signs that way.

Just another bit ... I found before the next message... Greetings & Gutnait beloved Family in Christ. My Lord's Mission to Madang for this trip has been accomplished and I'm returning to Markham tommorw, May the Holy Spirit who had started the holy works of God last Sunday continue to lead, guide, and water the SEED till it bears FRUITS n RIPE for PNG and Madang to eat from. Amen. I treasure this work as concieved in the family by the Holy Spirit. I will make it my duty to visit  as  often as possible to WATER.

Friends in Christ & in truth in Madang, I arrived safely and crossed the Markham and walked 20 minutes to the village. Glory be to God for your services to God during my recent Madang Mission. Math10:11-15, 27-31, 40-42..Messnger Paul.

The second message is still there in full so the next post will be the next message and more thereafter.

God Bless All

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Destiny Youths on the Move

Destiny Youths on the Move
Papa Spizh has both feet planted on the golden sandy beach at Longkuringi and both hands reaching up to the sky...O God thank you for a beautiful place like this...perhaps is on his mind...

(from left) Joel, Evelyn, Chris and Elvis. Evelyn is now in Kavieng, Elvis in Gaulim Teachers College, ENB, Chris working and Joel still studying at GSS DODL